Q: What do you do exactly?

A: We design a variety of marketing materials including, but not limited to: branding, logos, business cards, postcards, invitations, brochures, signage, ads, magazines and websites.


Q: What is a brand?

A: Your brand is a definition of who you are as a business. Your logo is a big piece of your brand, but it can’t do the job alone. Branding is something that needs to be present throughout your marketing materials and your business; it is your brand mark, your colors and your style. The more branded your business is, the more recognizable it becomes.


Q: How do you approach design?

A: Because what we design is created to represent the client, the first and most important thing we do is learn about the client. After we have a good idea about who the client is, and what the project is, it’s time to pull out the sketchbook. Sketching out concepts is a good way to quickly come up with several ideas, and to flesh out those that don’t work. We then take the sketches we chose and discuss them with others who are involved in the project to further solidify the concept. Once we have a concrete idea, it’s finally time to move to the computer and create the initial piece.


Q: How long will it take?

A: How long a job takes depends on the project. Something like a website can take months, whereas a web banner can be done in a few days. Contact us to discuss your project and we will prepare a timeline based on your needs.

Some of the things that determine the length of the project are:

• Have we worked with you before? If so, we will already have a feel for your brand and will be able to act quickly. If not, we will need to go through a discovery period to get the information we need.

• What is the project? Certain projects such as websites or magazines have a longer timeline because there is more involved. Copy has to be written or collected and edited, websites also include time intensive coding. Creating a billboard with copy and imagery provided is a much shorter timeline.

• How quickly is the final product needed? Sometimes something comes up and you need 1,000 business cards by next Friday. We do take into account the urgency behind a project and are able to create a timeline with that in mind.


Q: Why do I need a website?

A: Having a web presence validates your business; it is your digital address, which is as important as having an actual address these days. A large majority of people do web searches to find a business that has what they need, to look up a business to which they have been referred, or even for things as simple as finding a phone number or address. If that information is not there, potential and even current customers/clients can be lost.


Q: How much does a website cost?

A: The cost of your website depends on your needs. Contact us and we will create a custom quote. We design our sites to be responsive, which means they will adjust to different screen sizes and can be viewed on computers, tablets and smart phones.

Some things that can be a factor include:

• How many pages will the site be?

• Do you currently have a domain and hosting?

• Will you need us to maintain the site?

• Will you want a CMS (content management system), which enables you to make revisions?

• Do you need us to create content?

• What special features do you need?


Q: I have a website, but it could use some updating. Is that something you can help me with?

A: YES! Many of the sites we work on are upgrades. Over time, your site can begin to look dated, and if the content isn’t regularly updated, it can become obsolete. Having an up-to-date site with current content is a good reflection on your business.

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Q: If you’re using a WordPress platform to build my website, why do I need you to make it? Couldn’t I just do it myself?

A: We use WordPress for their CMS (content management system). They offer a platform that works and have a team of people constantly working to make it better, so their platform provides a great starting point. That being said, yes, it is possible to take a template, fill it with your content and have your site up. The problem is, your website will then look like the hundreds of other generic sites that are using that same template with the same generic functions and features. While we use WordPress’ templates, it’s only as a starting point. With our experience and knowledge of PHP, HTML, Java and CSS, we are able to go into the code and manipulate it to create a personalized and unique template for your site.


Q: What goes into making a logo?

A: Creating a logo is a time-intensive project. Your logo is the face of your brand, the visual that people will connect to you as a business. There are also things to take into account when designing a logo, such as how it will look at different sizes and in different environments.

The beginning stages of creating a logo include brainstorming, sketching and discussion, just like any other project, but more extensive. When the samples are created digitally, we pass them around to get input from other people in the office to get a good outside perspective. This is followed by more brainstorming and discussion. We usually go through at least three rounds internally before the client sees anything. We then take feedback from the client, which can lead to more rounds of revisions. Our goal is to create a logo that represents the client in a functional manner.

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Q: What can you do that I can’t do in Publisher?

A: Publisher is a very limiting program that works well for internal documents or crafts. When creating materials for the public, you have to keep in mind that they are a representation of your business. Having professionally designed materials makes your business looks professional; programs like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and the like allow for that.

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