Meagan McCall: Junior Designer

Join us in congratulating Meagan McCall on her recent promotion to junior designer. Meagan started at Imagine in January as an intern in the Graphics Department and is currently a student at UNLV. Learn more about Meagan below, and drop her a note to say “Hello!” How did you come to Imagine? My boss at…
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Decrease stress… increase productivity with rockin’ results

Sometimes we lose sight of the right way to work with one another when things get busy. We have to remember that although increased work is a positive result of growth in a company, it can also result in an increased level of stress and company tension. Here are some ways to avoid increasing stress…
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When is it time to rebrand?

Last year, the Nevada Library Association (NLA) came to Imagine in need of some help with social media and advocacy efforts. After conducting a discovery meeting, it became clear that what the organization really needed was to revisit its brand. A lot has changed since the association was established in 1946. In fact, this is…
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Set it and forget it

If you’ve used a crockpot, you’ve most likely heard the phrase, “Set it and forget it.” You prepare some veggies, brown the meat, set the timer, give it a couple of stirs, and a few hours later, you have dinner. No muss, no fuss. What if you applied that same concept to your business website?…
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Read this blog written by our Public Relations Director/Photographer, Tiffannie Bond.

Smile, even when it’s raining

It is common knowledge Disney is famous for its customer service (among other things, of course), which is a reason I, for one, enjoy going to Disneyland. It’s clean and well maintained, and the people are generally happy. Slap on one of the park’s free “happy birthday” buttons, and every cast member in the park…
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Nadia Zerka, one of Imagine's fabulous Account Directors, has some creative insight in her newest blog.

Virtual Connections

Imagine Communications’ home office is in Nevada. I live in Michigan. Julie lives in Florida. Thousands of miles separate us from our co-workers and one another. It can be a challenge at times, yet we seem to make it work — for ourselves and our clients. A screen shot from a recent team meeting with…
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‘The right plant in the right place’

As a newbie gardener, I’ve been to a few classes at Star Nursery this past year. Every time I go, the teacher emphasizes the importance of the right plant in the right place. When I first heard the phrase, I didn’t take much note. However, after he repeated it several times, I started to realize…
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