GAINING EXPOSURE: Making the most of your workshops and speaking gigs

Dare I say that there is an upside to the economic downturn? Yes. Any professional out ‘n’ about knows there is a new information sharing environment that exists as a result of the new economy. Professional development seminars, industry-specific discussion panels, mixers, luncheons – the list goes on. There is an overabundance of information for…
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Flexibility in times of change

I think it’s human nature to resist change. How many times have you actually heard someone say, “I love change?” The word “change” has been thrown around so loosely in the last year I don’t know how anyone hasn’t thought about it. This is something I have been reflecting on a lot lately. It’s one…
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The Power of Branding

As of this writing, the swine flu has killed 141 victims in 74 countries. The World Health Organization has declared it a pandemic. Reports have monopolized the news media for months. Meanwhile, all influenza viruses combined affect 3-5 million people per year on a worldwide scale, resulting in 500,000 deaths. When’s the last time you…
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