Why Online Marketing Matters

Recently our company has been “retooling” itself to better fit the needs of today’s constantly evolving marketplace. Among those retooling efforts is repackaging our technology marketing services so our clients, and prospects, better understand just how cost effective, yet impactful, marketing via technology can be. I can repeat the same cliché phrases everyone in marketing…
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Relationship Building 2.0: cultivating genuine relationships through social networking

As far back as I can remember I have had a burning desire to connect with people and better understand human nature. As a child I would stick my head through the fence to get the neighbor kids’ attention, hoping and praying they would see me and invite me over to swim in their pool.…
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Change or Die: What to do in the New Economy

On the surface, a presentation entitled “Change or Die: What to do in the New Economy” might seem, well, a little negative. But for the more than 60 people who attended an April 14 event at Lawry’s, nothing could be further from the truth. Craig Galati of Lucchesi Galati and I made the case that…
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