40th Annual International Collegiate Conference

This past weekend I had the honor of representing the UNLV chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) at the AMA 40th Annual International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans. It gave me so much joy to see hundreds of my peers from across the world gathered together to practice the marketing concepts we have learned…
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Don’t leave money on the table

I heard a story recently about a guy who was walking past a hair salon that was promoting a hair restoration service. The guy was balding and interested in the service, so he walked in. When he inquired about the service, the receptionist’s initial response was “Oh, it’s really expensive.”  Not that it was a…
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This was a blog written by our very own Senior Designer, Julie Varley.

Five important ways to maintain your website

Congratulations, you are officially a website owner! Now that you’re feeling extra excited and proud about your new online identity, we don’t want you to forget some key steps that result in keeping your new website properly functioning. Yes, owning a website comes with some maintenance responsibilities just like owning a car. Visual Check –…
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Going viral

One of the definitions of “viral” – well, at least that pertains to what I’m about to write – is “quickly and widely spread or popularized especially by person-to-person electronic communication.” I hear about videos or photos “going viral” on “The Today Show” and referred to in casual conversation, but it’s always something that has…
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Living your brand

Let’s go to the mall! I want to share an experience I had while shopping. You walk in one store and they ignore you. You’re left to your own devices as you try to navigate the different product offerings and decide what, if anything, is best for you. Meanwhile the staff continues their conversations amongst…
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