Interested in having access to all your analytics data? Request to be made an admin on your google analytics dashboard by contacting your account representative.


Website maintenance protects your website from vulnerabilities and helps it function correctly. Our team takes a careful look at your website during each maintenance period to make sure nothing is malfunctioning before or after updating your site. If you would like a copy of the current month’s maintenance report, please contact your account representative. You may also request reports from previous months if needed.


What is Sucuri? Sucuri is a website monitoring service that protects your website from hackers and malware. Without it, your website may be open to potential threats.


Interested in having access to all your analytics data? Request to be made an admin on your Google Analytics dashboard by contacting your account representative.

WordPress Tutorials

Website Glossary

Above the fold: Upper half of the webpage, visible without scrolling.

Anchor text: Any text you apply a hyperlink to.

Back end: Location where all the coding, website creation and setup happens.

Backlink: A link that directs users back to your website or webpage.

Backups: Method where all website information is stored on a remote server or computer to prevent loss in case of a website malfunction.

Below the fold: Lower half of the webpage, only visible after scrolling.

Breadcrumbs: Secondary navigation that shows the viewer’s location on the website.

Blacklisted: An infected website, whether it’s by malware or malicious code, can be deemed unsafe for the public and blacklisted by search engines. Being blacklisted can range from an unsafe notice placed on the website to complete blockage. Any type of blacklist is bad for business, and once the bad code has been removed, Google must be notified so the website’s safety can be verified before the notice can be removed and the site allowed to be live again. This process can take up to two weeks.

Body: Everything located between the navigation bar and footer, where all of the website’s content is placed

Body copy: A tag for all of the standard-sized text throughout the website.

Bounce rate: Single-page visits, where users left the website after viewing one page.

Browser: A software application used to access websites and search engines such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, among others.