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Initially, we were unsure of the benefits and purpose of hiring a marketing firm. What could they really provide and would the endeavor provide any real benefit? That was over 5 years ago. Debates and discussions on approaches, concepts, and delivery was just the beginning. Learning, growing, and adapting are part of the process when teaching the public why they should consider using your product or service. Creativity, graphics and public relations are definitely talents of Imagine that we lean upon regularly. Now we consistently introduce our clients to Imagine without concern that they will benefit.


Chuck and Brian Mohler
Eagle Corporate Advisors

During the 2020, not only were we dealing with the challenges of the pandemic, but my busniess partners and I developed significant differences that led to litigation and a difficult division of assets and separation. During many sleepless nights, I wondered if we could recover from the devastating circumstances. Things were an absolute disaster and we were left with a box of parts and pieces from a previously successful company. On recommendation from a trusted associate, we hired Imagine Communications to help us start over. We met with Imagine’s staff and explained our position, circumstances and hopes for rebuilding StarMed. Imagine jumped in the deep with both feet and came to the rescue. They developed branding, a website, materials, content, marketing and strategy. Imagine has worked with us every step of the way as we have repaired, rebuilt, renewed, redone, improved, and are on a planned path of growth.

Last week as we sat down to a holiday company dinner, I shared with my staff how blessed we have been and I marvel over and over again at where we were a year ago and how far we have come with Imagines help. Thanks to Imagine, Bobby Long and their staff who have been instrumental in helping us put the pieces back together again.

Larry Long
StarMed Benefits

Working with Imagine Communications has always been enjoyable. They treat us like friends and always have our best interests at heart. I know I can rely on everyone there to do great work and trust their expertise.

Jason Benson
Apprentice Coordinator, Sheet Metal Workers Local 20 Apprenticeship and Training Trust

Imagine Communications worked with me to develop all of the content for our company’s rebranding several years ago. Thanks to their input, the content has never had to be changed, and it continues to be compelling to our customers and audience. I find Imagine easy to work with, and their ideas always surprise me. They helped define the voice of our company, and in the process gave me a newfound sense of confidence that we have something valuable to say.

Mic Mell
Eleven Coaching

Since partnering with Imagine, everything has improved. Our Google ratings have gone up, our revenues and margins have increased and we have won three prestigious community awards. In addition, our branding and marketing has significantly improved. Sheri and her team do a great job of making themselves available to listen to any concerns or ideas we might have and to assist us in accomplishing our goals. I highly recommend Imagine Communications to any business looking to take the next step to a greater future.

Ryan Bowen
Owner, La Paloma Funeral Services, Simple Cremation

Imagine Communications makes me feel like I am their only client.

Brooke Borg
Borg Law Group