20 Lessons from the Past 10 Years [10th Anniv. Special Edition]

D.J. AllenThere are a lot of things we have learned over the past 10 years. If you don’t mind, we would like to use this platform of the 10th anniversary celebration of Imagine to share 20 of those lessons:

  1. Stay patient, stay humble.
  2. “Cash” and “flow” are the two most important words in business.
  3. Tragedy plus time equals comedy.
  4. Success is a process – not an event.
  5. When in doubt… more white space.
  6. Every meeting is a sales meeting.
  7. Don’t hire new employees – recruit them. (Poor hiring practices are the No. 1 mistake made by most businesses.)
  8. Crave partnerships. If I want to help you as much as you want to help me, we’re going to make magic happen.
  9. If you surround yourself by people better than you, you can all accomplish great things.
  10. Write thank you notes.
  11. Read Socrates and Franklin. (Those cats knew what they were talking about.)
  12. Be the One.
  13. Marry up.
  14. Seek good coaches to help you in life.
  15. Don’t give the people closest to you the remains of your day. (Thanks, Rick.)
  16. Sometimes saying “No” now is better than saying “I’m sorry” later.
  17. We’re all special needs kids. After all, we all need love.
  18. Make plays for your teammates.
  19. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. (Thanks, Rick. A different Rick.)
  20. Imitate Jesus.

To all of those who have supported us throughout the years, thank you. It has meant more than you will ever know. Peace.

D.J. Allen is the founder/head visionary of Imagine Marketing.


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