A lesson in being aware

Creative thoughts by Imagine's Partner and Creative Director, Alex Raffi.

I remember playing in the dirt as a child and suddenly having a deep moment of clarity. Something triggered it – maybe the warmth of the sun on the back of my neck as it peeked behind a cloud. It woke me up. To this day, I can remember that feeling. I can see and smell the moist black earth on my hands, hear the birds in the trees, and feel the slight sting on my scratched up knees in the damp grass. I took notice of the fact that I was young, and I allowed myself to be curious of my future. I wondered if I would still want to dig in the dirt when I grew up. I was alone but not lonely. I was in tune in some strange way with my awareness.

We tend to ignore intimacy with our own lives. There is real value in just paying attention. The act of pausing our distractions and considering the moments creates opportunities to see things you may have missed that can lead you into new discoveries. We often ignore moments that are filled with learning opportunities, but when you pause, you cast a net into your life that has the potential of capturing a new idea or realization; you create a chance to learn something. Teaching and learning doesn’t only happen in a classroom or even between people. Sometimes, just being aware is enough.

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