A marketing guy shows you how to make an arrow

Find a stick that represents the message you are sending to the target.

The shaft of your arrow should be made from a suitable stick or branch that is representative of the best qualities of the maker. You want a piece of wood that is light, yet sturdy, and as straight as possible. A simpler and less complicated design will drive the arrow closer to your target and make it more effective and memorable.



Find a solid rock.

Find a rock that looks interesting and stands out among all other rocks. If you are lucky, the rock will be found with a point that needs little sharpening. But if you believe you have found a suitable rock that has no point, take your time to shape it into a point that meets your needs. The rock should have a very sharp solid pointed end. This is important. The very first thing your target notices will be this point. It has to make a memorable impact. It should also be designed so the other end fits flush against the end of your stick. It needs to be connected solidly or the arrow will not be as effective. Spend a lot of time sharpening the rock’s point. It’s best to use a sharpening stone specific for the task. A sharpening stone with a history of offering sharp well-crafted points.

Gather feathers.

The attachment of the feathers is the last step to building your arrow. They are placed on the opposite end of the stick. Feathers work as a stabilizer that can improve the arrow’s accuracy and help the arrow travel farther. The feathers on all your arrows should be similarly adorned so they are all easily identified by anyone who comes across it. A well-adorned feather tells the finder everything they need to know about the launcher of the arrow. Consistency is very important when placing the feathers on the shafts of all of your arrows. The feathers are your signature and offer you the opportunity to show pride in the arrow’s craftsmanship.

So, you may be asking, “Why is a marketing guy teaching me how to build an arrow?” Building an arrow is a lot like building a marketing campaign. They both require a lot of time to build but only split second to be effective. The distance between the launching of an arrow and the target are also similar. There is a high level of unpredictability and potential obstacles that can deflect the arrow from the target, so every effort should be made to improve the chances of the arrow/campaign’s journey to the target. Our job here at Imagine Communications is also to act as the “bow,” to carry on the metaphor. We are a tool with 20 years of experience that can be used to effectively launch your marketing campaign.

Alex Raffi is Imagine’s Creative Director/Partner/Arrow Maker & Sharpening Stone.

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