“Advertising doesn’t work”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that phrase. In line at the store, in casual conversations, even in meetings with potential clients, that phrase comes up quite a bit.

You’ve gotten that call before. Someone in media sales has a deal that’s too good to pass up (or so they claim). They prey on your inexperience and offer you an ad at a deep “discount,” promising you it’s worth the money. You figure it can’t hurt, so you find some extra cash and place the ad. But then you’re left with empty pockets and quiet doors because no one saw the ad and you’re convinced advertising doesn’t work.

Here’s the thing. If you place one ad, one time, in a magazine that is distributed to a select group of people, it’s not going to work.

It’s kind of like this meme:

Too often, business owners will try the one (usually poorly planned) ad, be disappointed with the results and then write off advertising altogether. Placing one ad doesn’t bring in customers any more than eating one salad will make you skinny.

So what does work? Placing more than one ad and letting it run more than one time in more than one place. Turning down those one-time only deals because a magazine can’t sell the inside cover. Being committed to the long-term process that creates success. Learning your industry, your market and your customer base. Having an exceptional product, service or experience for consumers. Working with an advertising agency.

Working with an advertising agency may seem like an additional expense, but in reality, we can save you time and money. We don’t just provide pretty ads and striking copy. We provide the expertise to tell you what is worth spending money on and what’s not. We take the calls from the reps so you can take the calls from your customers. We handle the billing so you just have to write one check instead of five. Mostly, we work as an extension of your team and improve your bottom line.

That’s why advertising does work.

Nadia Zerka is a client relations manager at Imagine Communications. She can be reached at nzerka@weareimagine.com.

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