Advice from a friend

As a communications director, I tend to always want to share info during times like these. A thought came to me about what businesses can/should be doing now during this time of opportunity. This slowdown is a perfect time to do those important tasks that we never have time for due to more time-sensitive tasks we deal with on a daily basis.

Here are a few suggestions of things you can do now that will help you when things get back to normal:

  1. Review your website. Print out each page and make notes of updates that need to be made. Find graphics to help punch up your site.
  2. Give each employee one day to go into the office and clean out their paper files and organize/clean their offices. Coming back to a workspace that is organized will make employees feel like a fresh start (coming back to a space that looks like it was left abruptly = depressing).
  3. Organize your electronic files. Create a map and go through each file one by one and place them in an easy to find location or delete them. Share the map with each team member. (I have done this and can give tips if you need them.)
  4. Have each team member write Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for their daily tasks. Create a format and have each process typed up and reviewed by the team (each person makes notes to add missed steps or create more efficient processes).
  5. Start thinking about how you will get back to business once the quarantines are over. Have actual action items in place and assign them with your team.
  6. Create social media posts and schedule them to go out weekly so your business will be front-of-mind to potential and current clients.
  7. Check in with your clients/customers. Let them know you are thinking of them. Try to offer words to let them know you are part of their team and there to help.
  8. Keep in daily touch with your team. Calm their worries. Be a leader and listen to their concerns. Create some fun (remote) team building exercises. Example: ask them a random question each morning such as, “What was the first concert your ever attended?” This will allow everyone to learn more about each other and keep things a bit light.
  9. Make minor repairs/improvements to your office. Replace burnt out bulbs, paint the walls, put up shelves.

Above all, stay healthy. Stay positive.

Debi Raffi, a friend of Imagine and communications director, recently shared these thoughts with us, and they were too good not to share with all of you.

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