An Investment That Pays High Returns

About once a month, Imagine’s web team and I spend an hour or so reviewing Imagine’s website and online newsroom. Since we’re a marketing and communication firm that does a lot of web and graphic design, that should be a quick meeting, right? Not a lot of changes needed and mostly a chance for everyone to virtually gather and chit chat?


In April, we found more than 30 issues that needed to be addressed on our sites. Some of those issues were broken links, some of those issues were outdated content, and some of those issues were because our designers are perfectionists and noticed something was a millimeter off. I left the meeting thinking that if we, people in the industry with an understanding of how web works, could have that many issues, what does the average small business website look like? I shudder at the thought.

All jokes aside, scheduling time each month to thoroughly review and update your website, social media pages, marketing materials, and search results should be a priority for any business owner. You risk losing a potential customer if they can’t call you or want a service you no longer offer. You could look unprofessional if your website is full of broken links or your brochures have crossed out information.

It’s no secret that business owners are often stretched thin on time and money. But the reality is, the monthly review is an investment that pays high returns. Are you making the investment in your business?

Nadia Zerka is ready to talk about your marketing review needs. Contact her to set up a no-obligation meeting.

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