Ask a question, improve the world

Recently, I received an article clipped from Inc. Magazine paired with a Post-It note reading, “Blog?”

My parents are probably my most dedicated blog readers, and, over the years, my dad has clipped several articles from which I might glean inspiration.

This particular article is titled, “Want a big idea? Ask better questions.” Its lede sums up the article as a whole pretty nicely: “When so much information is readily available to anyone online, the key to innovation is not gathering more data but rather asking more questions – the ambitious, frame-changing sort that send companies down unexpected paths of inquiry.”

Now I don’t know about you, but I find the aforementioned directive a bit daunting. All of my questions have to be ambitious and frame-changing?!?

The truth is, my questions may never lead to the advent of the next Pandora or Gatorade, but I should still ask them. And you should still ask yours.

Any question has the potential to make things better – whether it goes so far as to take an idea from good to great or, more simply and likely more commonly, just alters a plan’s direction or improves an existing product ever-so-slightly. Any question that makes people look more closely at something – even a question as simple as “Blog?” – and see it as though for the first time is a question worth asking.

Melissa Biernacinski serves as Director of Media Relations for Imagine Communications. Email Melissa by clicking here.

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