Awarding Team Efforts

Four people, three states and more than 200 hours. That’s what it took to get the award-winning online image library up and running.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

We have a group of clients that are part of the unionized sheet metal industry. We provide a gamut of services for them, including graphic design and public relations. We accumulated thousands of custom images for the industry over the years and hosted them on our internal servers. Searching for an image became a laborious task because there was not a consistent organization method. Sometimes pictures were saved by event, sometimes by location. We often had to rely on one another’s memories to determine if we had a certain type of image and where it could be saved.

That all changed sometime in late 2014 when art director Cynthia Carbajal decided this system no longer worked and started seeking a better solution to the problem. Eventually, she settled on using an online service that would allow us to organize the images into folders, protect them from being downloaded and add keywords for searching.

The first step in the process was uploading the 10,000 or so images we had on file. Once that was accomplished, a group of us started weekly photo tagging sessions where we would review each image and assign the appropriate keywords. These sessions took place once a week, in two-hour blocks, for the next year. The group consisted of Cynthia; company photographer, Tiffannie Bond (who took many of the pictures); senior designer, Julie Varley; and account director, Nadia Zerka. The keywords ranged from technical names to slang terms to even goofy words that just triggered a memory.

img_5718Once the images were all tagged, we began beta tests. We rolled out the image library to select users who put the program through the paces. We adjusted as needed and kept adding images and keywords along the way. We began to find new uses for the image library, including curriculum development and instructor presentations. People were excited to use it, and requests for images came in before the library officially launched, which finally happened in August 2016.

In November 2016, the online image library won a Pinnacle award from the Las Vegas Valley Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) for creative tactics.

Alex Raffi, partner and creative director of Imagine, shared this about the award: “The best thing about this award is that it was a combined effort of multiple departments. This is an important one not only because it is a creativity award, but because it was a solution-based award that will be effective for our client for years to come.”


We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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