Becoming your own “news source”

It’s uncertain times for the world of journalism. According to Peter Shankman (entrepreneur, author, speaker and worldwide connector recognized for radically new ways of thinking about social media, PR, marketing, advertising, creativity, and customer service), 1,126 print and online magazines folded last year, and so did nearly 300 newspapers.

The local situation isn’t much different. Many of our friends in the media industry have been shown the door over the past year-plus and those who haven’t are worried they might be. Newspapers and magazines and TV stations are tightening their belts and trimming all the fat they can afford. A few pages here, a few inches there. In turn, the competitive industry of media relations has become even more competitive as well.

Simply put, the journalism industry is changing and it’s changing fast. Our firm decided to address this issue head on, and, in December, we launched our own newsroom, The ION ( – short for Imagine Online Newsroom.

The ION only covers the news of Imagine Marketing’s clients, and all of our articles are written by the former journalists who make up Imagine Marketing’s Media Relations Department. We are here to provide interesting, educational and informative news.

The ION features industries across the board. While a large number of the businesses and entities featured in the ION are Southern Nevada-based, not all are. Our topics range from local to national.

So why an online newsroom specifically? Because the industry in general is largely shifting to online. People are busy and they want to be able to access everything they need with the click of a mouse – or the tap of smart phone screen. Convenience is key, and what’s more convenient than a free subscription to useful, positive news published by a company you trust? After all, Imagine Marketing is known by media locally and nationally for providing quality, newsworthy information.

Imagine Marketing is on the leading edge of providing quality news to media outlets, which includes non-traditional media outlets. The ION helps to fulfill the new role the media relations industry is evolving into, which includes a strong concentration on becoming your own “news source.” Bottom line, our job is to create a buzz about our clients.

Although it’s only been two months since the ION’s debut, we’re pleased with how it’s doing. We invite you to check out our site and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see for yourself. And, of course, we welcome your feedback.

Melissa Rothermel serves as Director of Media Relations for Imagine Marketing.
Contact Melissa at

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