Being different

Creative thoughts by Imagine's Partner and Creative Director, Alex Raffi.

Everyone thinks the key to success is finding a way to stand out. “How can I be different from the rest?” If you base your image on being “different,” you are defined and bound by opposition to mainstream ideals, or perceived mainstream ideals. If you build your perception based on the values of others, there is no truth. The alternative that makes more sense is to find your own values and define them in a deep way that reflects what motivates your success. A deeply considered definition communicated consistently is what will make you “different.”

Nobody does what you do like you. We find our uniqueness is bringing clarity to our true value that we don’t allow ourselves to realize. That moment when you do or say something that inspires you is relevant. When we feel inspired, we must realize that it is a signal. In much the same way that pain is a signal for danger, inspiration is an opportunity to define your real truth. Focusing on what inspires you is always a good start to finding your own unique perspective.

Alex Raffi serves as Creative Director for Imagine Communications. To contact Alex, email

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