Big rewards gained via small marketing changes

Sometimes small changes in your business model can reap big rewards. Take Little Caesars Pizza Hot-N-Ready Pizzas. For those who haven’t tried them, Hot-N-Ready Pizzas live up to their name. Just bop into a Little Caesars anytime and you’ll see a stack of medium cheese and pepperoni pizzas for five bucks each. No ordering, no waiting. The entire transaction takes about a minute.

Maybe once a month, my wife will ask me to pick up a Hot-N-Ready pizza on the way home. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you consider that we never ordered from Little Caesars before, I’m sure it makes a difference. Especially when you multiply it by the tens of thousands of new customers they’ve developed through this one simple innovation.

Now nobody’s claiming that Little Caesars makes the best pizzas in the world. They’re just okay. But sometimes okay is good enough, especially when they fulfill the promise of the Hot-N-Ready name for a fair price. Notice they didn’t name them “Hot-N-Delicious.” That would have been a stretch. I believe the name is an essential ingredient (along with cheese, tomato sauce and a darned good warming table).

Speaking of good names (and good ideas), have you heard of a company called “Throx?” The word is a combination of “three” and “sox,” which is exactly the way they bundle their products. The tagline is “Socks with a Spare.” Creative packaging solves the pesky problem of lost or holey socks, something we’ve all faced (usually at the most inopportune times). As they say in those Guinness commercials, “Brilliant!” I’m sure their competitors are kicking themselves for not thinking of it first.

What’s the one change you can make in your business? Take a long weekend to think about it. Schedule a company-wide brainstorm session. Maybe the answer is right under your nose. Or on your feet.

Brian Rouff serves as managing partner for Imagine Marketing.
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