A little chat with myself at the age of 17

I was asked a question on social media after changing my profile picture to me at 17 years old. My friend Raymond asked, “What advice would the current you give the young cat in the current profile picture ???” So I figured I’d answer in this blog. You’re not as deep as you think. Although…
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The Imagine team talks favorite career moments

Imagine partner Alex Raffi always asks job interviewees to bring in something they’re proud of. He feels this — more than all kinds of pointed questions — helps interviewers glean insight into the real person behind the perfect clothes, coiffed hair and rehearsed responses. This week, we turned that tactic inward and posed a similar…
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A single butterfly is beautiful, but in a crowd, that beauty gets lost

Imagine a man walking through a familiar garden when he notices a monarch butterfly resting on a branch. He decides to pause and admire it. He appreciates the beauty of it and feels connected to it. Now imagine the same man walking through the same garden, but he is surrounded by 3,000 butterflies. They swarm…
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Alex Raffi, Knight of the Bald Table

For the past seven years, Imagine Partner and Creative Director Alex Raffi has shaved his head to stand in solidarity with kids fighting cancer and to raise money to find cures through the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. On Saturday, March 7, 2015, Alex was knighted for his seven years of service to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation—helping kids fighting cancer by raising money to help fund lifesaving…
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Creative thoughts by Imagine's Partner and Creative Director, Alex Raffi.

Being different

Everyone thinks the key to success is finding a way to stand out. “How can I be different from the rest?” If you base your image on being “different,” you are defined and bound by opposition to mainstream ideals, or perceived mainstream ideals. If you build your perception based on the values of others, there…
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