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The medium is (still) the message

Way back when I was in college, we studied the works of a Canadian communications analyst and philosopher named Marshall McLuhan, who developed original theories on the substantive and stylistic differences between radio, print and television, among others. McLuhan’s influential work on “hot” and “cool” media can best be summarized by the 1960 John F.…
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The Value of Outside Interests

Many times throughout my career, I’ve heard other business owners complain about their employees doing things on the side. They feel it causes them to lose focus and energy. Put another way, in return for a paycheck, they get to own them 24/7. That’s an unenlightened attitude, perhaps a holdover from the “Mad Men” era.…
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Less is More

In early 2013, Toyota introduced its current tagline, “Let’s Go Places.” Almost immediately, that tagline started driving me crazy. But first some backstory. In college I minored in journalism, taking every class I could get my hands on. Over time, the instructors drilled into me these basic tenets: Don’t bury the lede Get to the…
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You don’t have to tell the whole story every time

Clients have a tendency to want to tell everything about their businesses all at once. I get why they would display this kind of enthusiasm; it’s the reason they started their enterprises in the first place. So trifold brochures become 24-page magazines, and one-minute videos turn into half-hour documentaries. But here’s the thing. When it…
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The Imagine team talks favorite career moments

Imagine partner Alex Raffi always asks job interviewees to bring in something they’re proud of. He feels this — more than all kinds of pointed questions — helps interviewers glean insight into the real person behind the perfect clothes, coiffed hair and rehearsed responses. This week, we turned that tactic inward and posed a similar…
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Taking a break

According to a recent report in Forbes magazine, the United States is the only advanced country that does not require employers to provide paid vacation time. Almost one in four Americans don’t receive any paid vacation or paid holidays, trailing far behind most of the world’s rich nations. Meanwhile, workers in Brazil lead the pack…
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