Keeping your company customer-centric

Between determining allocation for new projects and looking at future investments, sometimes the focus of your company can turn away from the customer. It’s something that easily happens when business owners are trying to keep the doors open, and it can even sneak up on you when you think everything is just fine. The point…
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Nadia Zerka, one of Imagine's fabulous Account Directors, has some creative insight in her newest blog.

The other reasons small businesses fail

I saw a post over the weekend on Twitter that said something to the effect of “a big box retailer was packed while this small business had to close.” My assumption is the intent of the tweet was to say that mom-and-pop businesses can’t compete with big box retailers. I don’t think that’s always the…
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The Value of Outside Interests

Many times throughout my career, I’ve heard other business owners complain about their employees doing things on the side. They feel it causes them to lose focus and energy. Put another way, in return for a paycheck, they get to own them 24/7. That’s an unenlightened attitude, perhaps a holdover from the “Mad Men” era.…
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Understand what you are worth

One of the toughest things for me to witness as a consultant is someone not fully appreciating his or her genius and what that quality is really worth. We allow our passion to keep us at a level where we are giving away our time to people who are unappreciative and, frankly, not worth it. This…
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You don’t have to tell the whole story every time

Clients have a tendency to want to tell everything about their businesses all at once. I get why they would display this kind of enthusiasm; it’s the reason they started their enterprises in the first place. So trifold brochures become 24-page magazines, and one-minute videos turn into half-hour documentaries. But here’s the thing. When it…
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Risky business

Creative Director Alex Raffi and I have something in common. We’re both Virgos. And it’s been my experience that there are two types of Virgos out there. The ones who live and breathe by the traits associated with this Zodiac sign (organized, reliable, reserved, cautious, list makers) and the ones who don’t. I fall into…
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