A change will do you good

With the day-to-day grind and the hustle and bustle of your daily work schedule, it is always tough to sit back and really focus on your own business’ marketing materials. As with the old expression everyone knows about the shoe maker and his shoes, a lot of times we focus so much of our efforts…
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Don’t overlook easy-to-use relationship marketing tactics

The market has been hard on most of us. However, luckily for me, and my firm, now that the market has started to loosen-up so have sales/marketing service inquiries. We’re the experts when it comes to integrating marketing and sales strategies, but what frequently surprises me is the lack of general knowledge many business professionals…
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Package deal

Recently, while waiting in line at In ‘n’ Out (regular readers of my blog know I’m a burger junkie), I passed the time by adding up the individual item prices and comparing them to the package prices. Guess what? They’re the same. I have to admit my surprise. As consumers, we’re trained to believe that…
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