Communication composers

Imagine Communications creates marketing and public relations solutions as a team, starting by gaining an in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges faced by each of our client businesses. Our writers and copywriters compose with audiences, publications and goals in mind. Articles, press releases, media advisories, blogs and award nominations are each crafted with intent…
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Picture of a smiling Alex Raffi with a blue and yellow border.

What I’ve learned from those who claim to be uncreative

I hear it all the time, “I wish I were a creative person.” Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t agree with that statement. I think it’s unfortunate that people believe creativity is something you can only associate with art. Creativity is so much more than art. It is the essence of how we…
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The Imagine Communications logo…reconstructed!

Earlier this year, the Imagine Communications team was tasked with an art project centered around the Imagine Communications logo. Each team member created their own interpretation of the logo, representing what they believe Imagine Communications is about. There were no rules with this project, and everyone was encouraged to create their project in whatever medium…
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