Five ways owners of small business can stay motivated

Over the last 20-plus years running a small business with my business partner, I’ve learned how difficult it is to stay motivated at times. Aside from meeting payroll and keeping the business viable, there are things there that keep you motivated and encouraged. Here are 5 simple ideas on how to possibly spark some motivation…
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Imagine Celebrates 20 years of Ideas and Solutions!

Founded in 2000 as the brainchild of Alex Raffi and D.J. Allen, Imagine was conceived as a marketing firm with both brains and heart, driven by creative problem solving in a business context. Alex and D.J.’s fledgling business moved forward as the very first startup to graduate from the newly-founded Henderson Business Resource Center. When Imagine opened its doors for…
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Thinking small, even if you’re not

I was recently in the market for a laptop. I know enough about computers to know that I didn’t need anything flashy or huge. I just wanted something that would give me more functionality than my iPad when I’m traveling or working remotely. Oh, and I wanted to spend, like, $5 on it. I started…
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Read this blog written by our Public Relations Director/Photographer, Tiffannie Bond.

Smile, even when it’s raining

It is common knowledge Disney is famous for its customer service (among other things, of course), which is a reason I, for one, enjoy going to Disneyland. It’s clean and well maintained, and the people are generally happy. Slap on one of the park’s free “happy birthday” buttons, and every cast member in the park…
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Be Kinder Than Necessary

When I worked retail in college, customer service was a big deal. At the time, stores like Nordstrom and The Disney Store made customer service cool and novel – something that should be simple and genuine. Lately, I was reminded it’s truly the little things that make customers smile and happy with a company. On…
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If you think you can, you’re right; if you think you can’t, you’re right

Recently my co-workers and I had breakfast at a local restaurant. For the majority of our nearly two hours there, ours was the only table occupied. Upon ordering our meals, several of us modified our orders. When our food came out an hour or so later, there were a few mistakes. “Well, it was only…
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