Book offers insight as to why businesses succeed, fail

I’m currently reading the book “Broken Windows, Broken Business” – a business book based on the Broken Windows theory, which argues that that major crime in urban areas can be curbed by quickly fixing minor problems such as broken windows. In short, the book relates the theory to business and says that “broken windows” of…
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Customer service philosophies from the cartoon world

As an adult, I can honestly say, I’ve learned a lot from cartoons. Bugs Bunny’s instant black hole and Wyle E. Coyote’s antics aside, the business of cartoons impressed many customer service techniques on me while I worked for a large cartoon retail store during college. And many of those ideals still crop up on…
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Even when things get hectic, focus should stay on customer

We all know that doing business has been tough over the last few years. The economy has changed. Doing business has changed. Many of our industries have changed. Quite frankly, it’s been crazy out there! But while we’ve watched our world, literally, change around us, there are some things in business that shouldn’t change. One…
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