Everybody’s an owner

Last week, Megan Lane, our director of client relations, and Melissa Biernacinski, our director of media relations (I know, we do a lot of relating around here) flew up to Portland to visit a new client in Vancouver, WA. During the course of the two-day discussions, it came out that the client thought Megan and…
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Stroll down memory lane with the Imagine team

Imagine team members share their favorite holiday memories and traditions. Enjoy this stroll down memory lane! Megan: Growing up my Dad would always stuff our stockings with practical joke gifts like hot dogs and fake dog poop. You never knew what you were going to get! Melissa: A few years ago, Marek (my then boyfriend,…
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‘Stay patient, stay humble.’ – D.J. Allen

My first official graphic request for the purposes of marketing came from D.J. Allen 13 years ago when he worked as marketing director for HBC Publications. I’d worked for them as a freelance editorial cartoonist, so they gave me a shot at doing a graphic depicting a man leaping over a huge pile of pennies…
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In less than 90 days

Being a newbie wasn’t something I was eagerly looking forward to; having worked in the financial arena prior to my job here at Imagine, I anticipated change. I knew there would be significant differences and industry paradigms to embrace. And though I have a degree in communications, I lacked a measure of professional experience within…
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Imagine’s name change means seeing my new name on our new business cards (and other things)

“Melissa Biernacinski.” That’s the name on my new navy, orange and white business cards, and I couldn’t be more excited. As you’ve probably heard, Imagine Marketing has officially become Imagine Communications. In honor of the occasion and in true communications company form, our team has been busy updating every branded material in sight – including…
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Making Imagine’s outside match what’s inside

When a business is born (especially of the entrepreneurial kind) a lot of effort is put into finding a name that truly matches the essence and spirit of what that business will offer, as well as a name that will stand the test of time. This is very true for Imagine. The dream for Imagine…
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Change Sucks

It’s too expensive to change. Our customers won’t like that. You’ve been asked to join the group “Change Facebook back!” And my personal favorite: “But we’ve always done it that way.” Whenever something new gets proposed, more often than not, the first reaction is “no.” Instead of figuring out a way to make it work,…
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May I see your photo ID?

“Where are you from?” One of the most frequently asked questions, especially in our area, since relatively few of us are actually “from” here. I think the question is synonymous with the question, “Who are you?” I’ve lived in Southern Nevada for over 20 years, but I still think of myself as a Northern Nevadan.…
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Imagine, new and improved

For some time, I’ve had the sense that the word “marketing” no longer accurately conveys the full spectrum of activities we’re involved in at Imagine. The word seems vaguely old-fashioned, as if the speed of technology has passed it by. Over the last few months, this discussion has been a central focus of our entire…
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