When you have a great team, everyone’s ‘the best’

Recently, one of our team members got a great compliment from a client. Essentially, the client suggested that this team member “makes” Imagine. While very cool, it’s worth noting that most of the client’s contact with Imagine is via this team member. Which brought me to a few thoughts: 1. We have had many clients,…
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Office ‘verts’ unite

Last week I came across a blog, Corporate Culture for Introverts by Lisa Barone. In her piece, Lisa acknowledges her company’s effort to learn – and willingness to embrace – its employees’ various working styles. She also acknowledged that, while it’s great that more companies are moving toward this type of management style, it’s also…
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If you bottle it, they will come

A month or so ago, I found a bottle in our office building’s fridge that was quite intriguing looking. It was so intriguing looking, in fact, that I asked everyone in our office if they owned it. No one did, so I researched the product online to find out more about it. The GT’s Enlightened…
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