It’s not about where you network, but how

Why do you network? Do you attend networking events to gather as many business cards as you possibly can? Or, do you attend them in hopes of finding key people you really like and want to do business with? Though the first option plays to my naturally competitive nature, I would rather leave a business…
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Contact us, but not really

Have you ever been at a networking event and asked someone for their business card and, in place of their contact information, were given a clue to a scavenger hunt? Chances are your answer is no – and for good reason because the point of networking is to develop new contacts that hopefully will turn…
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GAINING EXPOSURE: Making the most of your workshops and speaking gigs

Dare I say that there is an upside to the economic downturn? Yes. Any professional out ‘n’ about knows there is a new information sharing environment that exists as a result of the new economy. Professional development seminars, industry-specific discussion panels, mixers, luncheons – the list goes on. There is an overabundance of information for…
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