Imagine Celebrates 20 years of Ideas and Solutions!

Founded in 2000 as the brainchild of Alex Raffi and D.J. Allen, Imagine was conceived as a marketing firm with both brains and heart, driven by creative problem solving in a business context. Alex and D.J.’s fledgling business moved forward as the very first startup to graduate from the newly-founded Henderson Business Resource Center. When Imagine opened its doors for…
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Tools are only tools if you know how to use them

Ever find yourself a little confused by all the terminology surrounding public relations? (You don’t have to answer that.) But considering the industry itself doesn’t necessarily agree on certain terms, it’s perfectly understandable if you do happen to be a little confused. To help ease the confusion a bit, we coined a new term, “client…
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Learning from @redlobster’s #Formation big game weekend fumble

All good in-house PR pros have extensively played out any number of what-if scenarios their brands might encounter – both good and bad – and should also have a lengthy crisis communication plan chock-full of approved potential tweets, press releases, Facebook posts and more at the ready. But what do you do if something that’s…
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‘Twitter wars’ show how things can get out of hand, provide lessons

During the Thanksgiving weekend, a few “Twitter wars” made headlines. While one of them, the one that began at an airport and escalated on a plane, was first odd and then sad, the other big one – between “Kyle Kinane vs. Pace Salsa – was pretty funny. As it turns out, according to The Huffington…
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E!’s take on the PR industry far from typical business reality

I admit it. I was tricked into watching the new reality show, “The Spindustry” on E! last week. If you read my company blog a while back, you’ll know I’m a bit of a reality TV show junkie. More importantly though, as a public relations and marketing professional, I was curious to see how professionals…
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Your crisis: a one-day story or a months-long story? It’s your choice.

It’s never a happy occasion when the need for crisis communications arises (for obvious reasons). However, when/if a crisis does arise, it’s important to handle it correctly to minimize the impact on your business as much as possible. So what is the correct way to handle a crisis, you ask? First, and most importantly, our…
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Simple lessons in business from Reality TV

My stomach churns thinking I’m about to admit this: Hello. My name is Amber and I’m a reality TV junkie. (Wait a minute. Our firm posted a video of me chair dancing to Boyz II Men to our Facebook site. What am I ashamed of here?) I LOVE reality TV albeit I claim myself to…
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