Old fashioned is still in fashion

Before radio, television and the Internet, marketing began with the spoken word. Whatever you needed, your neighbor, family member or friend was likely to know someone who could provide it and, because they personally used those services, could vouch for the person providing the service. At the heart of marketing, there are people with opinions…
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You know what they say when you assume

One of the simplest ideas behind marketing, to me, is to know your client and their market. Easier said than done, right? Not always. Sometimes, it’s about stepping outside the house you live in on a daily basis and checking out the coat of paint on the exterior for cracks, chips and fading. While scrolling…
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Read this blog written by our Public Relations Director/Photographer, Tiffannie Bond.

Smile, even when it’s raining

It is common knowledge Disney is famous for its customer service (among other things, of course), which is a reason I, for one, enjoy going to Disneyland. It’s clean and well maintained, and the people are generally happy. Slap on one of the park’s free “happy birthday” buttons, and every cast member in the park…
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Be Kinder Than Necessary

When I worked retail in college, customer service was a big deal. At the time, stores like Nordstrom and The Disney Store made customer service cool and novel – something that should be simple and genuine. Lately, I was reminded it’s truly the little things that make customers smile and happy with a company. On…
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No man is an island or a team

During a recent conversation in the office about football, someone said, “You can’t build a team around one person.” This line resonated with me like an echo through a canyon. It reminded me of poet John Donne’s line, “No man is an island.” Like an onion, there are a lot of layers to it. Do…
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The Reset (not to be confused with “The Reflex”)

For the last few years, Imagine has closed down from Christmas through New Year’s Day. If a client or media outlet needs help or information, anyone they need is pretty easy to reach. But for the most part, employees are home with their friends and families. It’s a reset. I think there’s value in an…
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