Imagine Celebrates 20 years of Ideas and Solutions!

Founded in 2000 as the brainchild of Alex Raffi and D.J. Allen, Imagine was conceived as a marketing firm with both brains and heart, driven by creative problem solving in a business context. Alex and D.J.’s fledgling business moved forward as the very first startup to graduate from the newly-founded Henderson Business Resource Center. When Imagine opened its doors for…
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Five important ways to maintain your website

Congratulations, you are officially a website owner! Now that you’re feeling extra excited and proud about your new online identity, we don’t want you to forget some key steps that result in keeping your new website properly functioning. Yes, owning a website comes with some maintenance responsibilities just like owning a car. Visual Check –…
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Website must-haves

We all know how important it is to have a website nowadays and that your business website can be one of the best resources your clients and/or customers can use to learn about your company and services. I, for example, search the web before making almost any decisions throughout the day — where to eat…
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Mobilegeddon has come—Why you should care about Google’s latest update

Every year, Google likes to stir the search engine optimization (SEO) pot. Going by the innocent moniker of “update,” Google updates are really more like directives, instructing digital marketing and SEO companies on what their new priorities will be for the next few months. Often, this entails reversing one or more long-standing SEO convictions and…
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