Set it and forget it

If you’ve used a crockpot, you’ve most likely heard the phrase, “Set it and forget it.” You prepare some veggies, brown the meat, set the timer, give it a couple of stirs, and a few hours later, you have dinner. No muss, no fuss. What if you applied that same concept to your business website?…
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Contestant implements marketing techniques to come out on top

Currently I’m watching “The Great Food Truck Race,” a reality show that pits gourmet food trucks against one another as they travel from city to city. Each week, the team with the lowest profits is sent home. Nom Nom Truck caught my attention after winning the first two weeks with profits nearly double those of…
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Dress for success [10th Anniv. Special Edition]

“Dress for success” is an often used phrase that has been repeated over and over by professional for years. To help carry-out Imagine Marketing’s 10th anniversary blog series and 10 years of success, I’d like to offer my own personal 10 style-tips to help other male professionals “dress for success,” in this case, from toe-to-head.…
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