Celebrating Nevada’s Sesquicentennial: Nevada landmarks

Every month for the past year leading up to Nevada’s 150th birthday this Oct. 31, we’ve been posting one Nevada- or birthday-themed question along with responses from every Imagine team member. This last month is a Nevada question. Please join us one last time as we think, this time, about our favorite Nevada landmarks. And if you’d like, comment on our blog to tell us yours!

Thank you for reading and taking part in our Nevada Sesquicentennial excitement. Happy birthday, Nevada! –Melissa Biernacinski

What is your favorite landmark to which you always take visitors?

“Friends always want to go down to the Strip with locals perks, family likes to stay off the Strip and visit parks and nature-type things like Bonnie Springs.” –Cynthia

“They always want to go to the Strip, but we like to show them the Ethel M chocolate factory and The District.” –Alex

“Mandalay Bay Resort.” –Nadia

“Boulder City has a historic district of public buildings, parks and housing from the construction of the Hoover Dam in the 1930s. A great place to walk and explore.” –Julie

“I drive them down the Strip with all the windows open just so they can have that unique experience.” –Jim

“Red Rock Canyon.” –Donna

“My Nevada history class at UNLV should have been called Tour Guide 101 — I love taking people around and explaining exactly why Downtown Las Vegas and the Strip are separate and all the other cool historical facts I learned in that class.” –Tiffannie

“Bellagio Conservatory.” –Gail

“Being a Nevada native, I don’t get many visitors (most everyone I’m close to is from here), but I do like to introduce people to the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens.” –Melissa

“Springs Preserve. Not only is it a cool venue, but it holds special significance as the first site in which water was found.” –Megan

“Bellagio fountains.” –Diana

“A nice congested drive down the Strip at night.” –Brian

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