Celebrating Nevada’s Sesquicentennial: Nevada traditions

For every month leading up to Nevada’s 150th birthday (Oct. 31), we’ll post one Nevada- or birthday-themed question along with responses from every Imagine team member. This month is a Nevada question. Please join us as we think about our favorite Nevada traditions. And if you’d like, comment on our blog to tell us yours! -Melissa Biernacinski

What is your favorite tradition you can only do in Nevada?

“I love First Friday and Art in the Park.” –Megan

“Visiting the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens.” –Diana

“My favorite tradition is the 4th of July celebration in Boulder City. Your day starts with a parade, which brings the community together. Activities, drinking and eating takes place in the local parks, and the evening ends with a firework show that is unbeatable. To top it all off, my family is always around.” –Julie

“Currently, one of my favorites is Jazz in the Park concert series at the Clark County Government Center Amphitheater.” –Melissa

“Jazz by the lake out at Lake Las Vegas.” –Cynthia

“Admire the holiday lights at Ethel M’s and wonder how they got all those cacti wrapped in lights without significant blood loss.” –Donna

“When I was a kid, I loved the fact that I could always go outside and play on Christmas morning. The weather was always good, and the kids in my neighborhood would all meet in the street to compare gifts.” –Tiffannie

“Nevada Day.” –Brian

“Go to Lotus of Siam.” –Nadia

“Can’t think of one. Maybe I haven’t been in Nevada long enough to have developed a ‘tradition.’” –Gail

“Nevada Day is always fun. It gives us time to work on our Halloween decorations at the house.” –Alex

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