Celebrating Nevada’s Sesquicentennial: What makes Nevada Home for you?

For every month leading up to Nevada’s 150th birthday (Oct. 31), we’ll post one Nevada-or birthday-themed question along with responses from every Imagine team member. This month is a Nevada question. Please join us as we think about what makes Nevada home for us. And if you’d like, comment on our blog to tell us yours!

Melissa Biernacinski serves as Director of Media Relations for Imagine Communications.

What makes Nevada home for you?

“My business. I work with great people and am so proud of what we have been able to accomplish for our clients.” –Alex

“My daughter and granddaughter are here.” –Gail

“My family and the friends I’ve had most of my life. I’m to the point where I can go almost anywhere and find someone I know.” –Tiffannie 

“My two sisters live here. My home church is here. I met my husband here as well.” –Diana

“The diversity; people from all over the country and world live here.” –Jim

“You probably won’t meet someone my age who loves Southern Nevada as much as I do. I get extremely homesick when on vacations, and too many trees/greenery freaks me out.” –Tamara

“I’ve become so accustomed to the summer heat that anywhere else is way too cold.” –Cynthia 

“Nevada is where I have truly grown up and made my life. It’s where I graduated from college, found the perfect job and met my husband.” –Megan

“My whole family’s here.” –Brian

“Even though it’s no longer home, the friends I made while I was there make it feel like I’m coming back home every time I’m in town.” –Nadia

“The climate and the sunsets.” –Donna

“My family and friends as well as my familiarity with, and memories of, almost every area of town.” –Melissa

“Nevada may not currently be the place I call home, but it was for 20 years of my life. Family and friends make somewhere lived in receiving the title of ‘home.’” –Julie


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