Celebrating Nevada’s Sesquicentennial: You know you’re a Nevadan when …

For every month leading up to Nevada’s 150th birthday (Oct. 31), we’ll post one Nevada- or birthday-themed question along with responses from every Imagine team member. This month is a Nevada question. Please join us as we think about when you know you’re a Nevadan. And if you’d like, comment on our blog to tell us how you identify Nevadans! -Melissa Biernacinski

Complete this sentence: You know you’re a Nevadan when …

“… you start asking businesses, “Do you have any locals’ discounts?” –Jim

“… You hold back a small rage of fury when a star on ‘CSI: Las Vegas’ or another TV show pronounces the name ‘Nev-AU-da.’” –Tiffannie

“… when you pronounce Nevada the correct way.” –Julie

“… you look forward to the heat.” –Alex

“… you go to other states and find them too dark and too limiting – in that everything shuts down at 10 p.m.” –Diana

“… You get excited when it rains.” –Donna

“… 80 degrees is a ‘cool down’ and a sweater is needed at 70 degrees. …” –Gail

“…you rarely visit the Las Vegas Strip, and when you do, it’s because visitors are in town.”

“… you don’t find it weird to see slot machines in grocery stores.” –Melissa

“… 110 feels normal.” –Brian

“… You have to wear a jacket when it’s 65 degrees out.” –Cynthia

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