Celebrating Nevada’s upcoming sesquicentennial: What brought you and/or your family to Southern Nevada?

For every month leading up to Nevada’s 150th birthday, we’ll post one Nevada- or birthday-themed question along with responses from every Imagine team member. This month is a Nevada question. Please join us in our walk down memory lane as we recall what brought each one of us to Southern Nevada. And if you’d like, please tell us what brought you to Southern Nevada! We always love a good story!

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What brought you and/or your family to Southern Nevada?

“My dad’s dad had a theory about how to make money gambling, so my dad and grandparents moved from Michigan to Las Vegas in the ‘50s. My mom’s dad worked for the Bureau of Reclamation and got a transfer to Boulder City, so they moved from Minnesota to Henderson in 1963. I was born here.” –Melissa

“My fiancé, now wife, had a job opportunity, so I quit my job and followed her here and started over.” –Alex

“I decided I wanted to move away from Michigan for a while and was debating between Chicago and Las Vegas. I chose Las Vegas because of the weather.” –Nadia

“A much needed change of pace.” –Cynthia

“My parents came to Southern Nevada for many reasons. No state tax, lower living expenses, more job prospects and most importantly (to them) no snow.” –Tamara

“A job in the radio industry.” –Brian

“My father was born here, but his family moved here from Nebraska. My grandfather used to own a mechanic’s shop on Main Street. My mother was born in Arizona, and she moved here at age 13 when my grandfather got a job as a union electrician at the Nevada Test Site.” –Tiffannie

“My dad works for the park service, and through his employment he’s had the opportunity to travel, and live in new environments. Lake Mead brought my family and I to Boulder City, Nevada, which became our new home for many years.” –Julie

“A job opportunity.” –Jim

“I moved to Las Vegas in 1999 to attend UNLV. It was exciting and scary all at once to be on my own in a town full of possibility and new experiences.” –Megan

“My older sister moved here as part of her job transfer, and my younger sister and I followed suit after college.” –Diana

“We wanted a warm(er) and (more) exciting retirement spot.” –Gail

“Oddly enough, employment. We returned to Southern Nevada in 2010 for my husband’s job, at a time when many others were leaving to seek employment outside the state.” –Donna


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