Changing Lanes: From student to professional [10th Anniv. Special Edition]

MeganSeven years ago I was just like any other soon-to-be college graduate: scared and desperately in need of a job. I had no idea that my interview for an intern position at Imagine Marketing the summer of 2003 would lead to more than just a job – it would become my career and a lifestyle of choice.

MeganMost job interviews last an hour or so, unless you’re an intern. During my three-month “job interview,” I had the opportunity to learn “the ropes” of marketing, all that is Imagine Marketing and fine-tune my own skills as a professional. It was during this time I realized I no longer simply wanted a job post-graduation; I wanted a career. More importantly, I wanted a career with Imagine, knowing it would allow me the opportunity to make an impact in the community I live and work within.

MeganMy memory of Thursday, Dec. 11, 2003, is as clear to me as if it were yesterday. After our holiday dinner, in true Imagine Marketing laid-back fashion, our team decided to take in a movie, “Elf.” (Of which to this day is still quoted within our office.) That evening ended with the pinnacle moment: I was officially extended an invitation to join the team full-time, permanently. I had been granted the opportunity of a lifetime.

MeganAs the fifth employee hired at our firm, I entered an all-hands-on-deck experience, spending my first year as a combination of an office manager, public relations coordinator and an account manager. I was forced (willingly, I might add) to learn and grow at a fast pace – “baptism by fire” if you will. However, the most important thing I came to learn about myself was my passion to help our clients through personal, creative and effective interaction.

MeganIt’s been nearly seven years since I was welcomed into the Imagine family. The environment, which is much more than your everyday 9-to-5 job, has since seeped its way into every part of my life, changed my perception of what “work” is and has given me the chance to express my passion for life both professionally and personally through organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada and IABC/Las Vegas.

MeganI am very proud of our team and how far we have all come over the last decade, together as a company and as individuals. Most of all, I’m proud to be part of a truly dynamic team of professionals – the most passionate, creative, genuine and hardworking people I have ever met. They continue to make me laugh, they stand behind me no matter what happens and drive me to be the best “me” I can be, period.

I look forward to many more years of success. The sky is the limit.

Megan Lane is an account executive at Imagine Marketing.
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