Introducing Imagine’s Client Website Dashboards!

Our Client Website Dashboard combines three key tools of website success: web maintenance, analytics and security reports. The dashboard allows you to view these three vital services in one user-friendly interface specifically crafted for your site.

Web Maintenance
Security Reports

Website maintenance is essential for the functionality and vulnerability of your site before and after any updates. The Imagine web team makes sure to provide a comprehensive report during each maintenance period, which includes updates to plugins (like contact forms), visual checks before and after updates (to ensure everything looks good), and the date of the last backup (so nothing gets lost).

Combined, our analysis provides assurance that your site is functioning to its fullest potential and any vulnerabilities have been resolved.

The Client Website Dashboard is also integrated with both Google Analytics and Sucuri, the complete website security, protection and monitoring platform. The Google Analytics integration allows you to view metrics for users, page views, bounce rates and so much more to determine trends and updates your site may need. The integration with Sucuri enables reports for your web security to be pulled directly into the dashboard, providing a high level of protection from hackers and malware.

Interested in having all of your web tools in one simple package? Contact your account director for more information and pricing for the Client Website Dashboard.
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