Coca-Cola’s Branding is Genius

One of my favorite brands is Coca-Cola, not just because their soda is delicious and addictive, but also because their branding is genius. They do an amazing job at being subtle and creative. Just look at their current campaign. They are using music lyrics to promote their products, similar to the “Share a Coke” campaign they started last year. Quotes from well-known songs are printed on their cans, bottle labels and packaging along with their signature script logo and swooping design (meant to look like pouring coke) that normally sits beneath the logo.

On this new campaign, the swooping design is made from two hanging ear buds to go along with the music theme. What I love about this design is how it’s still the Coca-Cola brand, but with a few subtle touches of music themes. Just look at the ear buds, a little more closely. The part that connects the ear bud to the cord is a Coca-Cola bottle. How genius is that? It is such a small detail that the designers used to further advertise their brand. I felt like sharing this because of how much I really admire the Coca-Cola branding. #notsponsored #wishIwassponsored

Junior designer Meagan is sharing a coke with our readers, via this blog.

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