Commercial Value

Remember that big game a couple of months ago? And the hoopla over the commercials? In the March edition of Brogan & Partners’ 60 Second Impact, the following question was raised: Did the sales needle move? Awareness can only take a business so far before the cash register needs to start ringing. 

Oftentimes, people confuse viral with successful. A commercial that gets likes and shares on social media is an ineffective commercial if sales didn’t increase as a result. More people may be talking about your brand – but is it just talk?

What makes a commercial effective? Ask two people and you’ll get 10 different answers: tell a story, make them laugh, make them cry, state facts, have a call to action, and the list goes on and on.

In reality, you’re asking the wrong question. Don’t ask what makes a commercial effective. Ask yourself what your company does that’s better or different. Ask yourself what problem you solve. Ask yourself how you can improve your customers’ lives. Ask your customers why they are your customers.

The more information you have about your business and your market, the more effective of a commercial you can create. And that’s what becomes valuable.

Nadia Zerka is an account manager at Imagine Communications. She can be contacted via email.

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