Communication composers

Imagine Communications creates marketing and public relations solutions as a team, starting by gaining an in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges faced by each of our client businesses.

Our writers and copywriters compose with audiences, publications and goals in mind. Articles, press releases, media advisories, blogs and award nominations are each crafted with intent — built to be noticed and to extend client brand reach.

Intent is integral to design, too. Imagine’s Design and Development team carefully constructs visual hierarchies of information within advertising and promotional work, combining the ingredients in well-balanced layouts. The idea is to communicate targeted messages with the identity of client brands through custom-built, thoughtfully branded websites, logos, one-sheets, brochures and other collateral.

But what fuels all this composing?

As creatives, we are hooked on arranging — built to design and to compose. This is driven not only by the needs of our clients, but by our own innate desire to create.

In my case, it started when I was a young child, arranging and rearranging the magnets on a refrigerator. With the magnets as design elements, I created what I’d now describe as compositions made of colorful patterns and implied lines of repeated shapes. I sought a balanced look within the borders of a larger shape as my first canvas. I was excited each time I created an improved rendition, eventually carrying that same enthusiasm into visual and written pieces on paper.

It’s not just me. Design and composition surround each of us, every day. The words we read, each sign and photograph we see, every website we interact with — these products are someone’s creation.

Imagine is composed of a crew of artists, writers, designers and creative problem-solvers, many cross disciplined in the arts. Whether we’re shooting photos, crafting articles, writing newsletters or coding website layouts, we’re doing what we love, and doing it with purpose.

Imagine recently developed a colorful, whimsically illustrated map promoting a unique variety of tasty, casual eateries — all business members of the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce. The map is designed as an interactive, online restaurant guide, highlighting the featured restaurants. A print version of the map is made available to area visitors, directing them to the numerous dining options. Restaurant contact information is available on the reverse side of the map, along with advertising space.

This marketing piece goes beyond restaurant promotion and helping guests discover dining options — it furthers the Boulder City Chamber’s recent rebrand. Imagine is proud to be the driving force behind the visual reinvention of the organization, reflecting positively on member businesses and Boulder City itself.

Skillfully conceived solutions are the perfect finish to our business savvy and marketing expertise. Imagine Communications is an award-winning think tank of creative composers — at your service!

Amanda Farrar, was a copywriter at Imagine Communications, is fascinated by similarities in the creative processes of designers, writers, filmmakers, choreographers and other artistic types.


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