Decrease stress… increase productivity with rockin’ results

Sometimes we lose sight of the right way to work with one another when things get busy. We have to remember that although increased work is a positive result of growth in a company, it can also result in an increased level of stress and company tension.

Here are some ways to avoid increasing stress for your team and yourself:

Make time even when it feels like no time exists.
Although a busy schedule can make you feel like not enough time in the day exists, you must find the time to step away. A fresh mind can help up your productivity and increase the overall quality of your work.

A pat on the back goes a long way.
Being human also means making errors is likely a possibility, especially when overwhelmed by deadlines and remaining tasks on the to-do list. When working as a team you have to remind yourself that a busy week for you is also a busy week for those who work with you. Try taking a moment to notice what work someone else is doing and let them know how awesome it is. We all need a little pat on the back occasionally to boost our confidence and give us the motivation we need to bust out another beautiful piece. No project can be completed with beautiful quality without the help of everyone. Make sure the finger isn’t pointed outward unless it is to point out the awesomeness of everyone’s performance.

Old ways can sometimes be good ways.
When a team works well together and has a supportive overall positive environment it might be best to leave certain things be… even as a company grows and evolves in other ways. Some strategies have to shift when you begin to increase workflow, but the way we work with one another can be left as is. Increase organization and lean on each other a bit more to avoid silly errors. As mentioned above, we all make mistakes but finding ways to avoid and/or resolve those mistakes are keys to decreasing them in future.

Take responsibility and move forward.
As hard as it may be at times to take responsibility for mistakes it always helps move the project along to acknowledge and resolve them. Some projects may feel as though they have no end and keep coming back on the to-do list, but we can keep our heads up knowing that as a team we are being thorough in order to achieve results in which we can all be proud.

Supporting one another in order to achieve the results everyone wants sounds like an easy task, but one that can be easily forgotten.

Senior Designer Julie Varley is Imagine’s resident ray of sunshine, which is fitting given her Florida residence.

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