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As a designer, it is so important to have a range of resources available for finding inspiration and/or becoming educated on the current industry news and standards. Through my process of writing a blog last week, I was given the opportunity to discover some great resources I plan to use for inspiration and thought they could be fun for you to use also!

The sites listed below include portfolios of work, blogs that discuss common challenges and/or just fun material related to the industry, educational material with tutorials and courses to strengthen skills, and freebies, which are always a plus!

Eye on Design
AIGA, which is an organization greatly respected within the field of design, has finally started a blog of its own! Check out this blog for inspiration from industry professionals.

This is a great resource if you’re looking for a site that provides design news for designers, architects, illustrators, engineers, artists and creatives from various fields. This site also provides a list of competitions and events in the field. Definitely worth bookmarking!

Fuel Your Creativity
Need an educational resource that is filled with tutorials on graphic design and various freebies? This would be the right tool to help boost your creativity.

Although many of the sites I’m providing are not specific to one field of design and touch on various mediums in the field of design, this site is great if you’re looking for a logo- and brand identity-specific website that is filled with information and inspiration.

Creative Bloq
Interested in hearing how a Star Wars artist landed his dream job? Although Creative Bloq is a great site for creative tips, news and educational tutorials like some of the other sites listed, this site also has a great section that is devoted to interviews with industry professionals.

I Love Typography
Just as the logodesignlove website was specific to logos and company identity, this is a great website that is specific to the world of typography. Need some extra knowledge about the history and various uses of type? This is the place to go!

Typetoken is another great website filled with type-specific reviews, icons and discussions. Contributions from around the globe help provide inspiration for the typography and iconography design community.

This site is not only a great place to look at inspiration from other creative in the field of design; it is also a resource you can use to showcase your own work. If you’re a freelance designer, you can seek jobs while being inspired by your peers.

The Dieline
What was once a personal blog has now evolved into a great platform dedicated to the package design industry. This site showcases package designs from all over the world and can be reviewed, critiqued and conversed about within the community of design.

If you’re looking for tips, case studies and industry guidelines for the web development and design industry, this is a great resource! This website also offers freebies and video tutorials.

This is only a short list of the many sites that exist in the industry, filled with great inspiration and educational material. If you have any additional websites you love to use, let us know, as we would love to expand our list!

Julie Varley serves as Senior Designer for Imagine Communications.

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