Do you understand your company culture?

Company Culture is the personality of your business.

Every business has its own unique company culture. Each has different characteristics and patterns of operation that affect the internal processes and external perceptions. A company’s culture affects the feeling and behavior of the organization’s employees more so than its principals, although the principals are ultimately responsible for the outcome.

A company’s values, attitudes and behaviors are reflected in the employee experience and their interaction with clients. A company is like an ecosystem that will thrive or suffer based on how internal and external influences treat it. Culture influences employee job satisfaction, teamwork and performance, and the people you employ impact the environment as well as the experience a client has with the business. So, the importance of being aware of the kind of company culture you have is evident.

Employees who feel valued will value the company and treat the customer based on those values. It’s essential to realize that ignoring the culture will likely result in a negative and hostile environment in the workplace. We’ve all had experiences where everyone in your office seems to be plotting against one another rather than supporting and encouraging one another. That is a result of a failure in promoting positive company culture. Culture can be fragile. Harmful elements can spread from one person to the next very quickly. A company, much like a person, has personality, a mission, values, ethics, expectations and goals.

For example, some companies have a team-based culture with employee participation on all levels, while others have a more traditional and formal management style. Other companies have a casual workplace without many rules and regulations. Whatever form of business you choose to have needs to be filled with people who share similar values and goals. The needs of the employees are varied and complex. It’s essential to be aware of those needs as much as possible. The goal is to create an environment where people are there for more than just a paycheck. This is not an easy thing to do, but it does result in a better, more productive and efficient business model that, in turn, promotes a positive work environment.

Partner Alex Raffi also serves as Imagine’s creative director.

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