Everybody’s an owner

Last week, Megan Lane, our director of client relations, and Melissa Biernacinski, our director of media relations (I know, we do a lot of relating around here) flew up to Portland to visit a new client in Vancouver, WA. During the course of the two-day discussions, it came out that the client thought Megan and Melissa were owners of Imagine. She naturally assumed they occupied ownership positions because of the way they had taken the lead in a previous Skype meeting and now in person.

That type of assumption makes me happy for a number of reasons:

  • As business partners, Alex Raffi and I do our best to play a supporting role during client meetings. We only help when we feel we can contribute something of value. Apparently that leveraging tactic is working.
  • It demonstrates that the Imagine team conducts itself in a manner befitting of owners; that they really do “take ownership” in the firm.
  • The ownership attitude communicates a sense of quiet confidence to our clients, always beneficial in the relationship-building process.
  • The autonomy (and lack of micromanagement) our team values is producing positive outcomes.
  • Long term, this gives us viable options for our organization’s succession strategy.

Although this example specifically focuses on Melissa and Megan, I know it could just as easily apply to any Imagine team member. And that’s just the way we like it.

Brian Rouff serves as managing partner for Imagine Communications.

Contact Brian at brouff@weareimagine.com.




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