Farewell, “sweetheart”

In two short weeks, our own Amber Stidham will officially join a team of professionals to help launch one of the most highly anticipated, cutting-edge performing arts center in the United States, The Smith Center. As our team prepares to say good-bye to our resident “long timer,” I can’t help but take a few moments and share with you all my thoughts on her contributions to our organization over the last 10 years and her early days here at Imagine.Amber and I share a close, professional relationship. The closeness naturally happens when you share a desk and phone while working your butt off to build a business. (Ahh … How I miss the simpler times. My cell phone today holds more memory then my computer did in those days. )

That relationship allowed us to build a growing organization and, more importantly, a meaningful friendship over the years. Although many things have changed during the last decade, what has never changed is Amber’s relentless spirit and professionalism.

As she too often likes to remind me, I told Amber once that she was the “heart” of Imagine, just not the “sweetheart.” (I’ve spent eight years trying to live that one down. Perhaps that will be the one thing I won’t miss about her leaving our group.) Of course, the statement was meant as a joke to tease her about her aggressive “do what you have to do to get it done” work style. It’s a style of work that requires a person to carry themselves with dignity and pride, like Amber does, a result of her high expectation of self. This style became a core element and how we still do business at Imagine today.

I am proud and excited to watch her career expand into new adventures. She will always be part of my life but I will miss the regularity of our discussions on business, parenting, creativity and life in general. That being said, I know I speak for everyone here at Imagine in saying with the fullest of heart that we wish all the success and good fortune in the world to the “sweetheart” of Imagine.

Amber, we love you and will miss you terribly. Now … GO GET ‘EM!

Alex Raffi is the creative director and a partner at Imagine Marketing.
Contact Alex at araffi@imnv.com

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