Five Ways to be an Awesome Teammate

I have been lucky enough to work in a place that focuses on the work and have had the chance to work with people who care about the final outcome as much as I do. Below are some of the key lessons I have learned from my co-workers. If we all incorporated these elements into our daily activities, how our places of work would transform.

1. Think about the end user. Whether you are serving a client directly or helping a teammate with a project, consider how what you are creating will be used. Is it a file that will need to be email friendly? Will the report you are putting together be shared with key stakeholders? Knowing this information will allow you to create in such a way that makes other people’s lives easy.

2.  Be accessible. Whether you are working as an intern, director or the owner of the company, make yourself available for questions or help. If you have the right people on your team, they won’t abuse the offer. Rather, the offer alone will empower your team because they’ll know they can ask for help if needed.

3.  Stability is key. Not every day is paradise, even when you enjoy your job, but ensuring you don’t let a bad day impact others is important in creating a positive work environment. Controlling your mood makes you an awesome teammate because you are showing you can handle stress and complicated situations with a smile. Who doesn’t love a smile?

4.  Speak up. Being a good teammate doesn’t mean you keep your mouth shut at all costs. In fact, it means you speak up when it will benefit the project or client you are working for, especially if you know you can improve a situation.

5.  Transparency. Mistakes happen. It’s how you handle the mistakes that ultimately impacts your team. Fessing up no matter how big or small of a mistake you might have made makes you a better teammate. People know they can trust you with the task at hand and that if you do screw up, you are willing to take responsibility for your actions and make it right.

Megan Neri serves as Director of Client Relations at Imagine Communications. Click here to email Megan.

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