Flashy does not equal better

The advertising and PR world can be a very competitive one, often filled with glitz and glamour. Or at least that’s what it seems like based on TV sitcoms and the movies alone. For some agencies, this is reality. They dress in three-piece suits and wine and dine prospective clients in hopes of landing the next big account.

In case you didn’t know it already, at Imagine we do things differently. If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or have spent any amount of time in our office, it’s clear we do business differently, but here are some highlights to give you an idea of the method behind the “madness.”

We care. This is a far-reaching statement. We care about each other, our clients and the work we do. We do our best work when we are working with people we like on projects that are meaningful.

We like one another. The Imagine team is built with ethical, caring, funny and smart individuals. We enjoy working together and we have one another’s back inside and outside of the office. This is important for clients because it has a positive impact on the efficiency and quality of work we produce.

We’re only as good as our last project. We work hard on every project whether it’s a one-time agreement or a long standing retainer. If we give you our word, we will do everything in our power to fulfill it.

We don’t do bait and switch. What you see is what you get. The people you meet at our first meeting are most likely the people who will be directly servicing your account. As a team of 12, we are big enough to do the work, but small enough that everyone has input from time-to-time on projects, depending on what it is.

We are driven by truth. We are masters of communication; however, ultimately, the story we tell is created by you.

Don’t judge our busyness by the level of stress in the office. If you walk into Imagine at any given time, you will find people quietly working or sometimes laughing and talking throughout the office. The calm environment doesn’t mean we aren’t working hard – just the opposite actually.

If all of this seems too good to be true, I invite you to come visit the Imagine office. Our culture is a driving force in the happiness of our employees, which, in turn, creates success for our clients.

Megan Neri serves as director of client relations at Imagine Communications. Contact Megan at mneri@weareimagine.com.

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