Garbage in, garbage out

Our first step to problem solving is almost always the internet and Google. From getting a stain out to starting a business to learning to make the perfect paella, it all starts in that magic toolbar that opens every book and manual under the sun.

But have you ever heard that old adage “Garbage in, garbage out?” Without good content, your shirt will still be stained, your business may fail and your paella stinks.

When you’re in the business of business, you’re actually in the business of solving problems. The information you provide, whether it is a services brochure to a blog post, could be the answer to someone’s question. This is why providing good, clear, informative content is critical.

As a business, you exist to make someone else’s, namely a customer’s, life easier. Take the time to flush out an idea in its entirety, even if it delays a launch. Spend a day brainstorming ideas. Walk away from the computer. Talk to your customers. Share your personal story. Put it in plain English. Whatever you do, create something that helps your target market. Content is king, after all.

The quality of the information you provide – the clearer the directions, the more valuable a resource you can become – transitions into customers coming to you first for help, instead of Google, or worse, your competition.

Nadia Zerka is an Account Manager at Imagine Communications. She can be reached at

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